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Baby Monitor Comparison – Motorola Halo+ vs Nanit Plus

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, especially when it comes to newborns. Constant supervision would be the best, but in most cases that simply is not possible. However, technology comes to rescue and in today’s duel, we’re bringing you Motorola Halo+ vs Nanit Plus. The reason we picked these two is that they are simply the best baby monitors on the market today and they, among just a few, offer the bird’s eye view. Unlike your conventional baby monitors which have to sit on the flat surface resulting in blind spots, both of these devices’ cameras offer the top view, which in this case is most desirable.

Motorola Halo+

Let’s start with Motorola Halo+. As mentioned above one of the best features of this device is the over-the-crib camera, which is also one of its drawbacks as well. Since the camera is mounted on the crib itself, your child will be able to reach it as it grows up. Although you can detach it from the mount, it is not the best-devised design out there. Mount stand poses one more problem and it is its extensibility. Not all cribs are the same, and its current reach could be better if extended by 5 more inches.

Now let’s take a look at some well-devised features. A simple, yet thoughtful feature is the image projection which displays on the ceiling helping the baby fall asleep. There is also a feature that illuminates the top of the housing that serves for the same purpose. Illumination can be set up to display one color or to smoothly rotate between 7 different colors.

Baby monitor comes with a parent unit with a monitor implemented, but you can also connect your mobile phone or tablet over the Hubble app. Video signal is encrypted so you don’t have to worry about privacy. This is one of the best features because you can check on your child regardless of your location. Hubble app comes with a sleep diary function (requires subscription) which takes a snapshot when the movement’s detected showing your baby’s activity overnight. App also allows you to take photos of your baby and to record them for future memories. You can download different tunes, and enable motion, temperature, and sound alerts. When it comes to video quality, both of these devices offer HD picture both in regular and night mode.


Setup is very easy, all you have to do is mount the camera on the crib and plug it into an electrical socket.

Nanit Plus

This device is in our opinion the best baby monitor out there, and it is our winner in this Motorola Halo+ vs Nanit Plus duel. While it does not offer some of the well-thought-out features of Halo+, overall it is the best package. Nanit Plus does not come with a parent unit, it uses your cell phone or tablet for the task. This means that you can check on your baby wherever you are. Video signal is encrypted so privacy is no issue.

Nanit Plus app is one of the best out there, and it is also the most intuitive. It goes as far as analyzing the baby’s sleep while providing tips for the uninterrupted night. It does this by monitoring movement, as well as sound in case the baby wakes up. All of the activity is then recorded. Nanit Plus also detects temperature, as well as humidity. Video quality is outstanding in both regular and night modes, while sound quality is at the top level as well.

The microphone can pick up some of the surrounding noise, but since it’s adjustable, this issue is easily solvable. One main thing that differentiates it from Halo+ is the ability to stay connected to the camera even if your Wi-Fi data and cellular signals are lost. This is a big deal since you don’t want to be thinking if you need to reconnect. Another amazing feature is Nanit breathing ware which lets you see your baby’s breathing patterns in real-time. Since the item in question is a wearable piece, this means that no electronic components are needed.


Setup is somewhat more complicated compared to the Halo+ because the camera has to be mounted on the wall above the crib. However, since it mounts well above the crib, your child will not be able to interfere with it. It also comes with a cable protector so your child can’t grab onto it.


As we mentioned above Motorola Halo+ vs Nanit Plus comparison gave us the clear winner and it is Nanit Plus. While both of these devices are exceptional they both do have one major drawback and it’s the price. However, if the budget allows you, you should definitely go for one of the two, since the price is justified by certain qualities and functionalities cheaper devices simply do not possess.


Baby Monitor Comparison - Motorola Halo+ vs Nanit Plus

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