5 Best Baby Monitors Money Can Buy

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As someone who just became the parent for the second time, I can say that it can be tough occasionally. Paying constant attention to a newborn is simply impossible. Besides the everyday chores and work there simply isn’t enough time to constantly monitor the baby. Luckily technology comes to the rescue again, and today we’re going to bring you the 5 best baby monitors money can buy. But, before we do that, let’s check out some of the main benefits baby monitors provide.

First and foremost is safety. You can check on your baby at all times and that is the essential purpose of such a device. You can also see the activity of your baby in real-time. Is it standing, or is it lying down? The safety aspect continues with the advancement of technology, and baby monitors nowadays offer much more. You can monitor your baby’s heart rate and sleep patterns. Besides that, you can also check on the room temperature, humidity, and so on.

Some benefits are not evident at the first glance. One of them is the improved sleep for you as the parent. Since you won’t have to worry as much about your baby’s activity, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep. Another not so obvious benefit is its ability to function as a nanny cam as well. You’ll be able to see if your baby is getting the desired level of attention when you leave it with a babysitter.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the 5 best baby monitors which proved as leading through our intensive research.

1. Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus

We’ll start our list with our top recommendation, and the best baby monitor overall. Nanit made this incredible device that will impress you, to say the least. Compared to conventional baby monitors, this one doesn’t come with a parent unit. It connects to your phone or tablet instead.

One of the best features it possesses is the ability to analyze your baby’s sleep. It will go as far as giving you tips on how to improve it. When it comes to video quality it is outstanding both in the daytime and throughout the night.

Another very useful feature is the monitoring of the temperature and humidity, so you can set up the best possible atmosphere for your baby. Undoubtedly the best feature is its ability to stay connected when your cell data and Wi-Fi are lost. This is the feature that differentiates it from its competitors, and something that gives it an edge.

When it comes to advanced features, you got the option for Nanit Baby Wear. It is essentially a piece of clothing with a pattern which camera monitors for movement. It tracks the baby’s breathing through this clever method. There are other devices with similar features, but this one is the best since it doesn’t implement any electronics close to the newborn.

The only drawback to this device is somewhat of a more complicated assembly. It is a wall-mounted baby monitor and while this gives it the bird’s eye view, it does require few extra steps to fully set up.

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2. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo is another top of the line baby monitor. The reason behind this lies in the fact that it uses the camera in combination with a so-called smart sock. A smart sock is a clever piece of baby wear that uses a sensor to track the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

The smart sock in combination with a camera is enough to give you peace of mind. However, compared to our overall winner, this baby monitor does have a few drawbacks. The main one is the camera, which is not wall mounted. it is rather a nightstand camera that doesn’t provide an optimal view.

Another, maybe even bigger drawback, is related to the smart sock itself. As mentioned above, it uses a sensor that is close to the baby’s skin. But that is not the worst part. The sock itself can slip off, and trigger the alarm. Although this won’t hurt the baby in any way, it might give you a slight panic attack.

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3. Motorola Halo+

Motorola Halo+

Motorola Halo+ is another high-quality baby monitor that will do its job great. Just like the Nanit Plus, it also offers the bird’s eye view. But it is somewhat of a different setup. The camera is mounted on the baby’s crib, and that might turn into an issue when the baby grows up, as it will be able to reach the camera itself.

One of the clever features is light illumination and image projection. both of these features light up the ceiling and help your baby fall asleep. This baby monitor comes with a parent unit, however, you can still connect it to your tablet or phone.

Just as our overall winner, this device can also track your baby’s sleep and even record it for your future memories. When it comes to video quality, it is great both during the daytime and nighttime. As mentioned above, this device is mounted on the baby’s crib, and you can set it up in only a few minutes. It is a great value for money and it deserves to be on our list of 5 best baby monitors money can buy.

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4. Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 is another great baby monitor which even got few rewards back in the day. Compared to our overall winner, it is a device with a completely different setup. It is a nightstand monitor that uses the parent unit instead of the phone or tablet.

It also has several well-thought-out features. One worth mentioning is the ability to change the lenses and with it the view. However, the lenses are not included and you have to buy them separately. The best thing of all is the affordability. If you decide to go for this device, it will cost you a bit, but it is still considerably less compared to Nanit Plus, or Motorola Halo+.

However, it does have one main drawback. The parent unit is battery operated, and there are some reports indicating issues with the battery. Another, maybe not so big drawback is the lack of advanced functions if we compare it to more advanced baby monitors.

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Here’s another baby monitor from Motorola, which is more affordable as well. It is a device that comes with a parent unit but can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet. However, if you decide to connect it to your phone, you will have to do it through the Hubble app which requires a subscription.

One of the clever features is the real-time motion and sound detection. If your baby starts crying, you can comfort it with two-way talk. Another clever feature is the ability to remotely move the camera and to zoom in digitally. This device can also be used to monitor your pets or the elderly.

The only drawback to it is the positioning. It is the nightstand baby monitor, and this, by nature, will not provide the optimal view for your baby. Considering the price as well as functionalities, it is a great value.

That would be all for our list of 5 best baby monitors money can buy. Hopefully, we’ll make your purchase a bit easier, and your nights much more relaxing.

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5 Best Baby Monitors Money Can Buy

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