Nanit Pro vs Hubble Comparison – Which One Comes at the Top?

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Nanit Pro vs Hubble Comparison

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In today’s article, we are testing one of the best baby monitors on the market the Nanit Pro vs Hubble, which is another serious player in the game. These two baby monitors are very different. There is a difference in price, the setup itself, and even the features. So, we are going to put them head to head to see which one comes at the top. Without any further ado, let’s check out the similarities, differences, and our overall winner.

Nanit Pro

Among all of the baby monitors we tester, Nanit Pro stood out. The reason behind this is the simplicity of design, built quality, and numerous features it offers. Because of all of the mentioned, it came out as a clear winner in our baby monitor standoffs several times. So what makes it so good?

First of all, compared to your conventional baby monitors, it does not have a parent unit, but it rather uses your cell phone or a tablet for all of the functions it offers. Whether that’s a good way to go or not, you be the judge. But, in our testing, it proved as very clever and simple approach. Safety is also one of the main focal points, both when it comes to signal encryption, and recording itself.

First, let’s start with encryption. The two-way audio and video signal is protected by some of the most advanced safety features available in this type of device, so you don’t have to worry about being hacked. The 256-bit encryption keeps all of the data safe, while there is also a two-way authentication to keep your account safe. You can add multiple users, and you can even adjust their allowed features.

Now, let’s discuss the best part, and that is the camera. One of the biggest differences when it comes to Nanit Pro and other baby monitors on the market is the position of the camera. It is wall-mounted, although it doesn’t have to be, and it allows for a bird’s eye view of the baby which is the best angle possible. As mentioned above, it allows two-way audio, so you can speak to your baby.

Another very impressive part of this baby monitor is the phone/tablet app. It is one of the most intuitive on the market, and it does a great job analyzing the baby’s sleep patterns by monitoring the movement. It even gives you tips on how to improve your baby’s sleep.

The camera has sensors, both for the temperature and humidity, and the day, and night image is outstanding. When it comes to audio, it is on the top level as well, but it does require a bit of adjustment since it might pick up some of the surrounding noises.

Another feature that separates it from the rest is the ability to stay connected even when the cellular data or Wi-Fi is lost. One of the extra accessories, which can’t be found in the competitors is the Nanit breathable wear, which, as the name says, monitors the baby’s breathing through the patterns on the clothing.


When it comes to the setup, by the nature of the device, it is a bit more complicated when we compare it to conventional baby monitors. The reason for this is the position of the camera, which has to be mounted over the crib. However, it is fairly simple, and its benefits definitely justify the effort.


When it comes to cons, the Nanit Pro does have few. The first one is the cost of the app which can get a bit pricey when we take into consideration the price of the product itself. The second one is the microphone which, as we mentioned, does need some adjustments to get it working perfectly.


Now let’s move on to the challenger in our Nanit Pro vs Hubble standoff. As we mentioned above, these two devices are very different. While Nanit doesn’t have the parent unit Hubble comes with one. The overall quality is on a high level. The 5-inch screen resolution and brightness are very good, but the processing power of the parent unit does leave a bit to be desired. This reflects through the laggy scrolls, and delays when selecting certain functions. However, if you don’t like using the parent unit you can always opt-out for the app.

The app is very useful and it does offer many features including the detection of sound, movement, and even temperature. There are also several other features we liked including development tracking, sleep advice, and parenting tips. The Hubble also allows for two-way audio, it has room temperature monitoring, and it comes with a night vision. The parent unit comes with an integrated flashlight, which is a nice touch.

Our Nanit Pro vs Hubble comparison also touches on the price. The Hubble is more affordable, and the application also costs less compared to the Nanit. If you are buying on a budget, this is something you should definitely consider.

The camera offers high-quality video during the day, while night vision is a bit lower quality compared to Nanit. It is a nightstand camera, but theoretically, it can be mounted pretty much anywhere. However, if we compare it to the one from Nanit, it does fall behind a bit. The audio quality is on the top level, but just, as with Nanit, the high-sensitivity microphone can pick up some of the surrounding sounds and noises.


One of the advantages of the baby monitors such as this one is the ease of setup. It is very simple, and it does not require much effort, so it definitely wins this one.


Compared to the Nanit, Hubble does have a few more cons. The first one, as we mentioned above, is the night vision. The video quality is on the low side, and it has some room for improvement. The processing power of the parent unit is very weak, which can result in lags in certain moments. The touch screen also could be a bit more sensitive. Lastly, the battery life of the parent unit is somewhat short.


Our Nanit Pro vs Hubble comparison only has one winner, and it is the Nanit Pro. Overall it is a simply superior device. It does the job it is intended for better, but the difference is not as big as it should be if we take into consideration the price. Hubble is also a great device, and if you are buying on a budget, it is the one you should buy.

Nanit Pro vs Hubble Comparison

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