Nanit Plus vs. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

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Becoming a parent is an unforgettable experience, and certainly the most rewarding one. However, while it is the most rewarding, it also brings a set of worries which we have to deal with. Luckily, we live in the age of technology, and one of the most essential devices you could acquire is the baby monitor. While there are tens of them to choose from, we’ll help you out by picking the best. In today’s duel, we’re comparing the Nanit Plus vs. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo, which also comes with a smart sock. So, let’s start with an Owlet.

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo Pros

Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo is one of the best baby monitors on the market today, primarily because it uses a camera in combination with the smart sock. While the camera gives you peace of mind visually, smart sock monitors the baby’s heart rate as well as oxygen levels, thanks to the integrated sensor. The smart sock itself can’t be considered a medical device, but it is there to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

In the first generation of the baby monitor, the sock was designed in such way that it easily slipped off the baby foot, hence some of the bad reviews, but they managed to solve the issue later on with different design which eliminated false alarms. You get three washable socks in the package which vary in size.

Smart sock works in combination with the base unit which illuminates different colors based on the current state of the sensor. Green color indicates “all good”, orange indicates loss of signal, while red tells you to check on your baby immediately. A white light indicates charging of the sock, or the base unit.

The camera that comes in the package offers two-way communication, HD picture, and night vision as well. Picture quality is amazing both during the day and night. Video signal it sends out is encrypted protecting your privacy. The whole system uses Wi-Fi and works with a simple app that is available both on iOS and Android.


As with any other device on the market, this one has a couple of drawbacks as well. A nightstand camera might be the biggest one. While it offers a high-quality picture during the day and night, it does not offer a bird’s eye view, which in our opinion, is most desirable. Sock sensor can lose connection if the range of 30ft is tested.

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Nanit Plus

Nanit Plus We’ve covered Nanit Plus in our previous comparisons and it always came on top. That’s because it is overall the best baby monitor on the market. In today’s Nanit Plus vs. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo duel, Nanit plus is again a clear winner.


The main reason for that is its intuition. it analyzes baby’s sleep pattern, as well as movement, and based on that information, it provides tips for interrupted sleep. It also monitors room temperature as well as humidity, so you can have a piece of mind. Although it is sold separately, Nanit also offers breathable wear, which is electronic-free and is used to monitor a baby’s breathing patterns. It does its task by reading customized fabric through a camera.

In case of an emergency, it will notify you through the alarm on the app. Nanit also works with any device imaginable regardless of the iOS or Android operating system, and it supports Alexa as well. The connection is encrypted so you do not have to worry about your privacy.

Another reason this baby monitor is our winner is the ability to stay connected even when you lose Wi-Fi. It also offers two-way communication, but the main advantage of this device over the competitors is the bird’s eye view. The camera is positioned over the crib at the best possible angle, so you can have a clear view of your baby at all times.


Although it is close to perfect, it does have a couple of drawbacks as well. The microphone can pick up the background noise which can interfere with the baby’s sounds. However, microphone sensitivity is adjustable, so you can easily solve this problem.

Another disadvantage is the somewhat complicated assembly. While the bird’s eye view offers numerous benefits, the camera with this setup can be harder to install. But Nanit did everything in their power to make this process as easy as it can be, so you shouldn’t have much trouble. In case you find assembly too demanding, you can get a multi-stand version with a camera that can easily be mounted on the nightstand.

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As previously mentioned, our Nanit Plus vs. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo comparison, ended with a clear winner, and it is a Nanit Plus. While Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo is an incredible piece of technology, we can’t shake off the feeling that it has to be polished a bit more.

The app itself can be improved, and for a device like this, it has to be as close to perfect as it can. Smart sock, although a great idea, uses electronic sensors right at the baby skin to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels, and while it can’t harm the baby in any way, Nanit seemed to resolve this issue much better with its breathable wear.

In the end, we compared these two devices because they are close to the top when it comes to baby monitors, and whichever one you choose, you won’t regret your decision.

Title Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio – Sleep Tracking – Night Vision – Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo (Smart Sock + Camera)
Two-way Communication Yes Yes
Mounting Wall Nightstand
Video Encryption Yes Yes
Sleep Tracking Yes No
Alexa Enabled Yes No
Parent Unit No No
Camera Connection Retries Infinite Infinite
Ambient Light Yes No
Breathing Monitoring Yes Yes
Product Dimensions 3.3 x 3.5 x 1 in 3.5 x 3.5 x 0.7 inches
Communication Technology Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Sensor Technology Night Vision, Room Temperature Night Vision
Batteries Required No 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Item Weight 1 Pound 1.8 pounds
Price Buy Now Buy Now

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Nanit Plus vs. Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Duo

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