Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review

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Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review

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Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is a multi-functional kitchen tool that gives you a sauce pot and a pan in one. It is a great solution for people who don’t have enough cookware or are low on space in their kitchens. By purchasing this great multi-functional pan, you will save space and money. Even though Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is great, it has some issues with the design. It is difficult to drain liquid, for example, because the pan doesn’t have rolled lip. Additionally, there is also no lid, so it might be trouble for some people when they go to cook with the pan. Le Creuset Multifunction Pan has its upsides and downsides, and we will discuss all of them and take a closer look in this review.

It was hard not to rattle off all the possibilities when we saw Le Creuset, Multifunction Pan. Next time you decide to make shrimp fried rice, you won’t have to bother yourself with using multiple pans, pots, and lids. You have to cook the rice in the saucepan, flip it over, combine the ingredients, and sear it.

You can use Le Creuset Multifunction Pan on any heat source, such as gas, ceramic cooktops, electric, induction, and oven cooking. It provides even heat distribution, and you will get perfect results every time you cook. Many other reviewers have experienced this set and expressed their opinions. Still, in this article, we will provide you with our detailed thoughts and try to help you decide whether or not this amazing pan is the right choice for your kitchen and household.

Quick Overview

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Quick Overview
Product Le Creuset Multifunction Pan
Image Le Creuset Multifunction Pan
Performance It has a great performance
Colors There is a wide range of colors available
Capacity The capacity is 2.5 qt
Weight The pot is 5 lb 2 oz. And the pan is 3 lb 3 oz.
The Awareness of the Brand This brand is famous worldwide
Country of Origin It is made in France
Helper Handle Yes, the pot does have one
Thoughts This kitchen item is great for people who have small kitchens or want to cook for one or two. You can save money and space thanks to its two-in-one design. You can reduce stews’ cooking time if you use it effectively. Versatile cookware for your household.

Brief History of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a well-known French cookware brand, and its products are available worldwide. Even though the company is a French brand, the company was founded by two Belgians. One was a casting specialist, and the other was an enamel specialist. These two men have worked together and made their famous Flame Dutch oven. Their popularity grew over the years, and so did the value of their brand. Over time, they acquired rival companies such as Descoware and Cousances, who were their biggest competitors. Today, they are one of the largest cookware brands in the world. They have a variety of cookware in their portfolio, and Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is one of them. Without any doubt, Le Creuset is the name that comes to many people’s minds when they think of high-end cookware.

Design of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

The construction and the design are important factors of every cookware, and that is where we will start. We will discuss Le Creuset Multifunction Pan’s shape, handle, and general performance.

Handle of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

Both the pan and the pot have handles made of a single-piece design. The handles are nearly indestructible and durable because they were made when the original pot was cast. It is important because most other cookware uses a handle attached to the pot, and they require a screw or rivet to stay in place.

One of the most interesting things about the design of this pan is the alignment of the two handles. They can easily be placed on top of each other. Nevertheless, there are downsides to this design. Most people want a slightly angled handle to make it feel lighter by improving the balance. However, most people will find that this multifunction pan is not large and is pretty light. In our opinion, you would deeply appreciate a helper handle on the skillet.

On the other hand, the good news is that the pot has a helper handle. It is necessary because a person must use both of them together. The handles are comfortable to use, and this is not always the case with cast iron handles which are generally uncomfortable. Iron cast handles are not pleasant to feel, but they won’t cut you, either.

The shape of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan has an interesting shape. There are some compromises because the design requires them to mesh with each other. There is no pouring lip on both the pot and the skillet. The pot should have a spout, even though the skillet can get away with it. The rims on the pot are raised just enough that the skillet can fit it securely.

There is a lot of space to sear your food in the pot because it is wide enough. It is good news because a crowded pot would cause food to steam in it.

Thanks to its low sides, you won’t have any problem flipping your food easily in this 8-inch skillet. The lower sidewall is also very useful if you want to sear your food. Unlike the high-sidewall skillets, lower-sidewall ones evaporate liquid better.

It is not rare to find these two pieces of cookware sold separately on the internet. We recommend that you wait and buy them together as they are intended to be sold. The pot weighs 5 lb 2 oz, and the pan is around 3 lb 3oz. Together they weigh around 8lb 6 oz.

Enamel Coating, Chipping, and more of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

This French company is well-known for the quality of the enamels of its products. They are one of the best in the whole industry. For example, those made in Chine are usually prone to chipping. Remember that they are not indestructible, but they can last for several decades.

However, don’t panic if they chip because the bottom is bare cast iron. If that happens, you should not worry about your health because it will not harm you. We strongly recommend that you coat it with oil. If left untreated, exposed cast iron may, over time, develop rust.

Colors of Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

The offering of many different colors is why Le Creuset is so successful. The specter of colors is vast, and they have all the rainbow colors and more. Many people appreciate these options and love their cookware for this very reason. The interior of some pans is black, but in our opinion, the cream interior is better and more useful. If you decide to buy a pan with a white interior, you will easily see if your food is burning. It can prevent ruining your dish.

There are some downsides, of course. The Enamel interior will not develop a nonstick coating like bare cast iron. However, it won’t be an issue if you learn how to cook your food on enamel.

How to Use Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

You can use these pans in several ways, but we recommend using them simultaneously. By doing so, you will significantly reduce your cooking time. For example, if you are making a stew, you start by searing food. You will be able to sweat the onion in the pot and sear the food in the skillet. When the fond is made, you may deglaze and pour it into the pot. Put on the cover. This process won’t affect the flavor of your food.

It should not be a big issue if you need a lid on the pot and you still need to use the skillet for some reason. All you have to do is find a place to cover the pot.

Final Verdict on Le Creuset Multifunction Pan

There is no doubt that this is a pretty great set. By buying it, you will get two great cookware pieces for one. Our biggest complaint is the lack of rolled lips. If you don’t find this an issue, you will get a great set, especially if you want to cook for yourself or two people. Additionally, if you use it effectively, the pan’s design will reduce your overall cooking time. Le Creuset Multifunction Pan is, in general, an excellent collection.

Le Creuset Multifunction Pan Review

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