5 Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collars – Price and Features

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A rechargeable LED dog collar is one of those small devices which is unnoticeably making our lives a lot easier.

Best LED dog collars

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I’m a cat fan, but my mom owns a dog. It’s one of those Pekinese, toy dogs, which although courageous like a lion, completely depends on its owner, which is my mom. I’m a pretty lazy guy and that’s maybe the reason I like cats – you don’t need to walk them around the neighborhood, on the stormy weather; when it’s snowing, or when the outside temperature is 100 degrees.

On the other side, my mom works as an accountant and, boy, she is pretty busy. As years pass by, all she wants when she comes back home, after the hard day at work is to rest. So her dog, a nice, obedient guy, spends his life mostly in her yard.

Rechargeable LED Dog Collars – Quick Links

Although he’s being the most obedient dog I know, he seizes every opportunity to get out of the yard, on the street. And that’s where the problems begin. Even if we notice it immediately, he just won’t come back, and it’s completely natural. Neither would I.

This issue forced me to do some research on LED dog collars – they make the dogs glow in the dark, making them visible to joggers, walkers, cyclists, motorists, and car drivers, and at the end to me.

And I must admit LED dog collar is one of those small devices which is unnoticeably making our lives a lot easier. I don’t know who invented it, but I know how the LED dog collars were invented: the guy was desperately wandering through the neighborhood during the whole, stormy night; calling out his sweetie.

The dog probably found some shelter just around the corner but wasn’t visible. Everything that the owner needed was just a track of light. How it all ended up? Well… Instead of the story end, we’re here, bringing you the 5 best rechargeable LED dog collars. The end.

1. MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar The first LED dog collar on our list is made with high-quality flat optical fibers which aim to make it 50% brighter than the rest of its competition. That also means your pet will be better visible to the cyclists, motorists, and drivers during the evenings and late nights, and therefore safer from every potential danger.

It’s USB rechargeable– the flat TPU optical cable is hidden in the polyester webbing. Once fully charged, it can work about 10 hours continuously.

It works in three modes: fast flash, steady flash, and constant, and you can simply switch between them with a single click. Although L – sized, 0.98*23.62 inches, it’s fully adjustable. That means it fits almost any dog, and it comes with a quick-release buckle, which is another interesting feature.

It’s waterproof and rust-proof and comes in four colors: red, orange, blue, and green.

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2. Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar

Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar Blazin LED dog collar comes in six color variants – black, blue, green, red, pink, and purple. It’s 1-inch wide and medium or L-sized, 19.3 inches to 27.6 inches, but with the adjustable strap, it should fit any dog. It works in three modes – on, strobe, and blink and features 350 yards visibility with slimmest bulb strip and on/off the box.

It comes with 2 lithium batteries, and it’s rechargeable from any device. Once fully charged it can run for 8 hours.

This LED dog collar works in any weather, but we must note it’s not waterproof. So, have this in mind if you plan to take your dog with you to the beach. Otherwise, it works well, and it’s a simple and affordable device.

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3. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar This LED dog collar comes in green, bright-orange, cotton-candy-pink, royal blue, ruby red, and sunburst yellow color. L-sized model, we took for a review, is 19 to 24 inches long, but it’s adjustable so it will surely fit any dog breed. Easy-to-use clips will make this job even easier enabling you to easily put the LED collar on. It looks great when using it with Illumiseen LED Dog Leash which is also USB rechargeable.

It’s good to know that it’s weatherproof, not a waterproof device, so have this in mind when using it.

It comes with a USB rechargeable battery and the cable, which provides 5 hours of illumination per 1 hour of charging. Also, it’s worth mentioning it comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s an Amazon’s Choice for “blinking LED collar”, and that’s not for no reason.

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4. BSEEN LED Dog Collar

BSEEN LED Dog Collar BSEEN LED dog collar is an Amazon’s Choice for “collar lights”. It’s the cheapest LED dog collar in this article, and that reflects in lack of some advanced features. It comes in four color variants: blue, red, green, and pink, and in one size – this LED dog collar is 70 cm long, but you’re allowed to cut it to any size that fits your dog’s neck. Pressing the silicone power button you can switch between steady glow, quick flash, and slow flash mode.

It requires 1 lithium-ion battery and it’s USB rechargeable – it comes with a mini USB cable.

The only consideration we have about this LED dog collar is the manual that comes with it – the instructions are not clear enough, and there is a short learning curve to get used to one. Otherwise, it’s a decent item, well worth the money.

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5. Pumila Safety LED Dog Collars

Pumila Safety LED Dog Collars We’ve reviewed the pink Pumila collar, but even if you choose a different color for your dog, all the 7-colors spectrum is available. Unfortunately, there is only one mode – the solid mode, although the description and the package states flashing color.

It’s made of waterproof materials but there is one thing you should have in mind – there is a small gap between the charging port and the lid that must be covered tightly before any contact with water.

This LED dog collar uses one lithium polymer battery which is included in the package, and which, once fully charged for 2 hours, can work 10 – 16 hours, which is pretty impressive. Also, it comes with a DC charging cable.
It comes with a 30-day money-back warranty, so if you experience any issues with it, contact customer service.

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5 Best Rechargeable LED Dog Collars

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