Best Baby Walker: The Old Fashioned Way for Making a First Steps

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It seems like baby walkers are getting out of fashion. It’s not just about what’s in and what’s out right now, but there is a serious discussion among pediatricians if the baby walker is a necessary part of our little one’s gear. There are numerous voices pro et contra, and we don’t want to go deeper into this topic. Rather, we’ll leave it to professionals.

We were all kids, and most of us learned to walk with the help of baby walkers. And that’s the fact. There is one more thing – with or without baby walkers we need constantly to keep an eye on our little ones. Never let the baby use baby walker unsupervised. That’s the only way to keep them healthy and safe.

Of course, the most important thing, when having your baby playing with a baby walker, is to keep it on a safe distance from steps and pools. That’s a must!

Since we’re talking about baby walkers like some old-fashioned item, we’ll really put on this list only the items with a retro look – products that look like something your parents would buy to you when you were a kid.
So, let’s, take a look at our list of best baby walkers and find out if you might find some of these helpful and interesting for your baby.

1. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon If you feel nostalgia for good old times, this item will definitely drive you back to your childhood. You’ll fall in love with this baby walker at a very first look because it really looks fantastic.

It’s a high-quality, sturdy built basic product with a classic look and feel. The body of the baby wagon is all wood made, and the removable side panels are wooden, too. Although it can be used as a funny storage-box for keeping kiddo’s toys, it doesn’t have a lot of extra features, and we find that very useful. Less distracting extras means a more dedicated baby to learn how to walk.

Resistance clickers prevent the walker from moving too quickly, but as we said, this item is built of wood. It means that even without “resistance” clickers it’s heavier than the plastic one and it isn’t going to move too fast ahead of the child.

Also, another very useful feature is a furniture friendly bumper which prevents your kiddo from making scratches on furniture and walls but also can be a sort of safety feature.

It makes a soft clicking sound, which some of the reviewers find annoying. Also, be prepared for reading instructions. You’ll need some time and patience to put it together.

Overall, it’s a great, stylish, and durable product we’re sure your baby will love.

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2. Labebe - 4 Wheels Walker for Baby

Labebe - 4 Wheels Walker for Baby This is another 2 – in – 1 product, featuring baby walker and the toy box. It’s carefully designed and made of a wooden broad base with rubber rings. All materials are strict to the Toys Safety Standard for 1-3 years old babies in the US and EU.

It’s easy to push, even on the carpet, in your daily room, or elsewhere in your home. You may want to consider putting some weight in it, like books for example, or any other heavy items, making it more stable for your baby while learning to make the first steps.

It’s a sturdy item designed like a fire truck, that will remind you of those great looking toys before the plastic became only what’s available on the market.

You’ll put it together in less than 10 minutes. In the end, if you don’t like it despite all the great features it has, Labebe guarantees you 30-days money-back with no questions.

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3. Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy This baby walker has a cute, bright design, with interactive features like alligators clacking mouths while the baby walker is moving, spinning fishes on the wheels and butterfly and ladybug beads.

It’s made of wood and has rubber strips on the wheels to prevent scratches on the floor. The walker is well designed, but it is also sturdy and stable. It doesn’t roll too quickly, but as we could figure out, there is no way of tweaking how fast the wheels will move. That would be our only consideration, although some reviewers are mentioning that the alligators are making too much noise.

Because of its size, it’s very easy to store. Also, you’ll be able to assemble it in a very short time.

In the end, having in mind its quality and price, it’s a simply great product and we highly recommend it.

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4. HABA Walker Wagon

HABA Walker Wagon This is maybe the best toy investment you’ll ever make, thanks to its durability and the long-lasting interest it evokes.

It is actually a baby walker, with a seat and toy box behind the seat. It’s sturdy, made of plywood with rubber tires. Wheel speed can be adjusted which makes it suitable even for toddlers who are not stable on their feet.

Some reviewers mentioned that snap rings fall off the wheels, and their size is choking hazard, so have that in mind. Also, the price might seem a bit high, but if you do internet research you’ll see that the items of far less quality cost far more. Just consider it as an investment into the future, and you’ll figure out that this baby walker is worth the money.

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5. BRIO Toddler Wobbler

BRIO Toddler Wobbler We’ve left BRIO Toddler Wobbler for the end, because it’s a simple and basic old-fashioned baby walker without any additional features, perfect for early walkers, from 9 months old and up.

It’s all made of FSC – certified non-toxic beech wood and rubber wheels, with adjustable handle and brake. Putting all the parts together is a pretty easy and straightforward process.

Overall, it’s a great toy and we highly recommend it for a price.
There are few considerations, though – the difficulty in steering and some reviewers report it’s a pretty noisy baby wagon. Also, it could weigh a little more, but that’s not an issue, since you always can put something in the walker to make it heavier.

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Best Baby Walker: The Old Fashioned Way for Making a First Steps

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