10 Best Rustic Kitchen Tables to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

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In the world of mass-produced goods, finding anything with character can be challenging. The same goes with the furniture. Everywhere you look, low-quality options emerge. So, what can you do if you’re in the market for a unique kitchen table that’s full of character, and personality, just like they used to be in the past? Well, all you have to do is keep on reading because we’ve done the research for you.

In this article, we’re bringing you the 10 best rustic kitchen tables that will make your kitchen stand out.

1. Flash Furniture HERCULES Rustic Solid Pine Folding Farm Table

Flash Furniture HERCULES Rustic Solid Pine Folding Farm Table

We are starting our list with Hercules from Flash Furniture. It is an amazing dining table which is quality-built and guaranteed to last for years to come. Pinewood was the material of choice, and it is one of the things which makes it stand out.

The wood looks great, and it is extremely durable if properly maintained. The 4-inch thick apron is used in combination with a .75-inch thick plank top. The top itself is supported by square table legs which are 3.5-inch thick. While at the first glance it looks massive, it is fairly practical. That’s due to the folding leg design which is enabled by the removal of the safety pins.

Size-wise, it is one of the largest out there. The overall dimensions state 108-inch length, 40-inch width, and 30-inch height. As you probably already know, a table like this is going to weigh a bit, and this one is not an exception. Overall weight maxes out at 142 pounds. While it is something to be expected, you should still consider it when setting it up.

You can get it in two colors- the antique rustic, and rustic white. While the white option is stunning, I have to admit that I prefer the original rustic. There is one more thing you can opt-out for, and that is the folding farm bench. It is an added expense, but we definitely recommend it. Lastly, we have to mention the best thing of all. This table doesn’t require any assembly. All you have to do is take it out of the box and fold out the legs.

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2. Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood DiningTable With Custom Brooklynn Legs

Modern Rustic Reclaimed Wood DiningTable With Custom Brooklynn Legs

Moving on to another great dining table from Barn Xo. The one main thing which differentiates this table from the previous one is the reclaimed wood. Every tabletop is carefully chosen, and since it is not mass-produced, every final product is unique in its own way. While the reclaimed top gives it the main character, since it is 2.5 inches thick, it also provides ruggedness and durability.

Another feature that makes this table stand out from the rest is the base. The legs are crafted from 1.5-inch square steel tubing which makes it extremely stable. They also give it somewhat of an industrial touch. The table does require some assembly, but since all of the holes are predrilled, and only a few steps are necessary, it should be a breeze. One last thing we have to mention is about the company itself. It is based in the Chicago area, and all of the tables and hand made following the traditional American work ethic. What more could you ask for?

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If you are looking for something smaller and more manageable, we’ve got you covered. This table is created following the same principles as in our previous contender but on a smaller scale. The top is also made from the unclaimed wood which is planted on the metal base. However, as you can see from the photo, they are two completely different types of tables. This one is more on the petite side. However, this doesn’t make it any less special.

It is also handmade, as we already mentioned, from the reclaimed wood. The top is made from connected wood boards which are all individually different. This is a unique approach, and it results in a unique final product. When it comes to overall size, it is 55-inch long, 31-inch wide, and 30 inches high. If you are limited by space, this is the one to go for.

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4. Christopher Knight Home Della Acacia Wood Dining Table

Christopher Knight Home Della Acacia Wood Dining Table

The next one on our list is the Christopher Knight dining table. It is made from acacia wood which, combined with a metal base, gives it its unique look. Compared to some of the other contenders on our list, this table does have somewhat of a more refined look.

With its stated dimensions of a 69-inch length, 32-inch width, and 30-inch height, it is intender more for smaller to medium spaces. When it comes to assembly, it is required. However, it is not complicated, and anyone with basic knowledge of working with tools can easily do it. In the end, it is visually very pleasing, and it will make your kitchen or dining room stand out.

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5. UMBUZÖ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

UMBUZÖ Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

UMBUZÖ creates stunning dining tables, and this one is no exception. It is made from the reclaimed wood, which again, gives it its unique look as well as character. If you are looking for something that’s going to be a focal point of your home look no further. It is an epitome of a rustic piece that won’t go out of trend.

One thing that separates this table from the rest is the selection of the base. All of the options are made from metal which is sturdy and durable, but you got several design options. You can get them in X frame, rectangular, singular, etc. The table looks stunningly unique by itself, and with your base selection, you can give it your own touch.

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6. Handmade Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

We got another very unique and beautiful table from Barn Xo. As we mentioned above, this US-based company is in our opinion one of the best manufacturers of handmade tables in the country. This is another example of their brilliance, and while they followed the same philosophy in the creation of this table, they reached a completely different yet equally amazing result.

It is made from a 1.65, 10-inch wide wood board with a beautiful dark finish. The top rests on a similar metal base just as in the already described product from the company. It is a quality made a table that is built to last, and it is a great value for money.

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7. Christopher Knight Home Cottage Acacia Wood Dining Set

Christopher Knight Home Cottage Acacia Wood Dining Set

We got another product from Christopher Knight and this one is the complete dining set which includes the rustic table as well as the two benches. It is significantly different compared to the standalone table. This set is finished in natural grain, which gives it the desired appearance, but it also gives the impression of a more refined product.

As stated above, this set comes with two benches which are 63 inches long, 14.2 inches wide, and 18 inches high. The overall dimension of a table state 70.5 -inch length, 35-inch width, and 30-inch height. Keep in mind that some assembly is required, but it is fairly simple, and anyone can do it. it is a stunning set that will fit great in your kitchen, and it is fairly affordable as well.

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8. TableChamp Dining Room Table

TableChamp Dining Room Table

The next table on our list is one of the most affordable, and one that provides you with the most options as well. It is more of a classic dining room table which is made from beautiful pine wood. It is finished in natural oil which makes it resistant to any type of liquid. It also gives it a stunning dark appearance which brings out the characteristic wood grain.

As we mentioned, you got a lot of options to choose from. It comes with ten different finishes, and they all look unique in their own way. Besides this, you can choose the length of the table, and you can add benches or chairs to your order. In the end, if you are looking for something that won’t break the bank, this set is the one to go for.

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9. Signature Design by Ashley Dining Table

Signature Design by Ashley Dining Table

If you are searching for something truly unique, look no further. This incredible rustic table looks like nothing else available on the market. It is designed with a fully enclosed base which gives it strength, but also a very unique look. The material they used to create this stunning piece is reclaimed pine wood. While the material itself looks amazing, the combination of eccentric design makes the whole thing pop out.

It is fairly large as well. You can seat up to eight people without any issues. The overall dimensions are 76 inches long, 42 inches wide, and 30 inches high. You also got two different options to choose from which slightly differentiate in design, mainly the base. In the end, it is a great looking, very characteristic piece which will be the focal point of your dining room. Due to all of the mentioned reasons, it is one of our top recommendations, and it definitely deserves to be on our 10 best rustic kitchen tables list.

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10. Flash Furniture Rectangular Antique Rustic Solid Pine Farm Dining Table

Flash Furniture Rectangular Antique Rustic Solid Pine Farm Dining Table

Lastly, we got more of a conventionally designed rustic table made of pine wood. It is more petite in size, and it will allow you to seat up to six people. The top is made from a 1-inch pine wood board and a 4-inch thick apron. The top is supported by thick sturdy legs.

When it comes to size, you got two options. You can get it in 46-inch by 30-inch, or you can opt-out for the bigger version which is larger and measures 60-inch by 38-inch. It is a great dining room table which will fit well any space, and the best thing of all the assembly is a breeze, and it won’t hit your wallet too hard.

That would be all for our list of 10 best rustic kitchen tables. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it, and find it useful in your own quest to find that perfect piece…

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10 Best Rustic Kitchen Tables to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

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