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Even if it’s not the healthiest way to start the day, a lot of us are starting it with a cup of strong coffee. There is nothing weird about it – I know a whole bunch of coffee lunatics (they like to call themselves coffee enthusiasts). Some of them are drinking it all the time throughout the day. And you know what? They like everything about coffee– how it tastes, how it looks, where it comes from… They buy key chains with coffee beans, they have the coffee cup hanging from the rearview mirror in the car, they… You get the point.

So, because of these guys, and my best man is one of them, I’ve written this article. Here it goes – a whole bunch of kitchen décor items to make your kitchen taste like a good cup of coffee.

Black Coffee Cup Silhouette
This piece of metal wall art will surely make it clear to all your guests how much you’re really in love with your favorite warm drink. Besides, you’ll be able to show your artistic note, since this lightweight sculpture fits in both, rustic and modern designs.
It’s made of decorative metal so it’s very light, even the sticky hooks will be able to keep it safely in place. It’s one of the most interesting gifts for coffee lovers I’ve seen so far. I would recommend you to take a look at Coffee House Cup Wall Art which also seems pretty interesting.
Coffee House Peel & Stick Wall Decals
While we’re still at wall decors, this one seems pretty interesting, too, and it would fit with the previous one. It’s not made of metal – it works on the peel and stick principle and it can be applied to any smooth surface. Even better – you can easily remove it without leaving any traces, residue, or damage on the wall. It perfectly fits in vintage design trends, which we all like.
Non-Slip Kitchen Coffee Doormat
Even if it’s designed using a slightly different color-scheme this 2 pieces doormat painted with the coffee motif will surely go well with the wall decorations I’ve listed above. Besides the esthetics aspect, this doormat actually has the practical side, too. It has non-skid rubber backing, absorbs water, and dries very quickly, and thus protects your kitchen from moisture and stains. Even if it gets dirty, you’ll have no problem cleaning it using the vacuum cleaner. You can even use a washing machine.
Cappuccino-Grey Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rugs
If you haven’t liked the previous item, you will surely like this one. It comes in cappuccino-grey color with vintage letters saying ‘Life begins with coffee’ and a printed cup of your favorite warm drink. Like the previous one, this one has non-slip rubber backing, too, but the top is made of ergonomic PVC comfort foam. It’s water and oil resistant and has a great absorption capability. This runner rug is very convenient to use and it clearly sends the message all the coffee lovers want to send – one more cup, please! In case you don’t like this runner rug set, feel free to check this one which is also coffee-inspired. It is pretty similar but slightly different.
La Crosse Round Coffee Décor Analog Wall Clock
Now, let me ask you something – how do you know it’s the right time for a cup of coffee? You take a look at the clock, though I know you have the biological clock that tells you the same. Here we have a nice vintage-looking round wall clock that will find its place in every real coffee lover’s home. It would probably fit well in the living room, but I have no doubts you can hang it somewhere in the kitchen, where all the coffee magic begins. It’s made of medium-density fiberboard with metal hands and it’s pretty accurate. Before purchasing it, have in mind it requires one AA battery which is not included in the package.
Coffee Cup Shaped Paper Napkin Holder Stand
While the manufacturer states that this napkin holder stand can have a whole variety of uses, even as a desk organizer, the place where it belongs is on the kitchen table. A good companion to a nice cup of coffee is a tasty bite of cake. For this occasion, I have in mind Lemon Cheesecake which in combination with coffee is something to die for. And after a nice slice of cake, you’ll need, well, a napkin.
Coffee and Latte Printed Kitchen Linen Set
While you’re drinking your coffee in the kitchen, waiting for the dinner to be done, you already know that kitchen is not the safest place in the house, even though it seems so. I don’t have in mind any real dangers, but a lot of hot stuff, steams, and flames. So, as a measure of precautions, here comes the nice coffee-inspired kitchen linen set. It consists of two dish towels, two potholders, and one oven mitt. So, this linen set will be just enough for getting all of the kitchen work done right and on time. Towels are great for quick clean-ups; pot holders are large enough for any imaginable kitchen pot, and the mitt, well, 13 inches mitt should work for everyone, including you.
Kitchen Accessories Collection Ceramic Set
Well, even if this set consists of three ceramic containers of assorted sizes, you surely notice which is the largest one. Yeah, it’s one with the “Coffee fix”, and you’ll probably use it more often than the two other ones. To put jokes aside, the set is made of heavy-duty ceramics which is dishwasher safe, also. All of the containers come with bamboo lids with silicone attached along with them. The lids need to be hand-washed using dish soap and warm water only. When washing the lids, you need to remove the silicone and wrap it along with the lids again once you’re done.
Overall, it’s a simple, vintage looking and functional set every household needs.
Espresso Coffee Infographic Guide Printed on Canvas
I’m sure you already know everything about the coffee; about all kinds of tastes and flavors, but this 16×26 inches guide, besides esthetics, always can serve as a little reminder of all the richness coffee can bring in just one cup. Another purpose of this piece of coffee wall art is to brag about how much you know about the coffee – we all like brag from time to time.
To put jokes aside, this poster is made of high-quality material with a print that won’t fade out that easily and wooden hangers. I must admit, it looks pretty amazing hung up on the kitchen wall.
This Home Runs on Love Laughter & Lots of Strong Coffee Sign
Another thing that looks great hung up on the wall is this rustic, high-quality handmade sign. Yeah, you read it right – it’s handmade, in California. While it looks a bit rustic and maybe more suitable for outdoor use, I’ve seen it in few kitchens, and I must say it fits great. It’s an 11×11 inches large piece of lightweight but dark stained wood, with white lettering and a keyhole on the back for easy wall hanging. If you’re buying it for yourself, I know you already know where you would hang it. If you’re buying it as a gift, there is no coffee enthusiast who won’t like it.
Coffee Theme Table Runner
Now, here we have another nice item for our coffee-themed kitchen. It’s a 14×17 inches large cotton-polyester table runner. It’s heat resistant and non-fading and it will protect your table from stains and scratches. Although it looks like it’s more suitable for outdoor use, I wouldn’t mind seeing it covering the kitchen table. The only thing you should pay attention to if you want to keep it in a good shape for a long time is that you need to wash it in cold water. Otherwise, it’s a warm and stylish decoration or a nice gift for all those coffee lovers out there.
Coffee Cup Wire Basket
As you can see from the photography of the previous item, the table runner is unimaginable without a nice-looking basket. So, here we have one of them. It’s a wire basket, or coffee pod holder, or even kitchen organizer. It all depends on how you are going to use it. Anyway, you can store kitchen utensils or other kitchen items, napkins, fruit, pods, or creamers. It doesn’t matter what will be inside it – it will look stylish and it will taste like coffee.
Semi-Sheer Rod Pocket Kitchen Curtain Valance and Tiers Set
Now that we’ve covered walls, floors, and tables, it is time to put a vintage-looking and stylish coffee shop-inspired curtain on the window. I bet you have that one little kitchen table just beside the window where you like to enjoy your coffee looking outside. Well, that’s not going to change. This curtain will make the look even greater. We’re going to believe the manufacturer when it states that this curtain gently filters lights while enhancing privacy. A little privacy is a great companion to a nice cup of strong coffee.
Coffee Themed Kitchen – Kitchen with Coffee Flavor

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