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If you’re a tortilla lover, and honestly I know nobody who doesn’t like a nice bite of this spicy Mexican dish, then you’ve probably tried making tortillas at your own place. There are a whole bunch of pans that can serve the purpose, but if you want an authentic tortilla experience, then the Comal pan is the most essential tool for you. The authentic, Comal pans made of clay, are oval-shaped and about 14 inches wide, but today you can find a whole bunch of variations in material, size, and shape.

Choosing the right Comal Pan

When it comes to the USA market and cookware, the closest item would be a cast iron griddle, whether oval or square-shaped. Also, a cast iron griddle or pan is the best choice if you’re looking for a more versatile piece of cookware that you’re not going to use just for making tortillas, roasting spices, and vegetables.

Whatever Comal pan you opt for, you must carefully read the instructions before the first use. Comal pans often need to be seasoned or, when it comes to authentic Comal pans made of clay, even cured with dry lime powder before the first use to prevent cracking.

Cleaning the Comal Pan

The Comal pans are usually not recommended to wash in the dishwasher unless it’s specified so. All you need are your hands, warm water, and dry cloth.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle with Easy-Grip Handle
You can’t go wrong with Lodge, right? This cast iron griddle will surely serve a purpose of a perfect Comal pan, but at the same time, you can use it while preparing a whole range of foods – from tortilla over meat and eggs to pizza. It’s a heavy-weight and heavy-duty versatile pan with an easy-grip handle that would fit onto any stove type – even the grill and campfire – but it’s also an oven-safe pan. This griddle is one of the basic, or must-have kitchen items that you are surely going to use pretty often and for a long time.
IMUSA Nonstick Carbon Steel Small Round Comal with Metal Handles, 13.5-Inch
Here we have another pretty popular Comal pan. It’s 3 inches larger than its forerunner and made of non-stick carbon steel, which also means it’s lighter to hold and easier to use. This Comal pan or, if you prefer it more, griddle, has a nice flat surface that heats up quickly and evenly and it’s recommended to use it on low or medium heat. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use the pan on the high heat or dip it in the water while hot. Otherwise, you can seriously damage the pan and thus make it unusable.
Comal for Tortillas - 10 Inches Cayana Grill Griddle Pan Black Clay
Like we said in the introduction, the authentic Comal pans were made of clay. Would you believe if we say that making a Comal pan made of clay, just like the one we have here, needs five days of hard work? Yeah, you read it right – five days of hand-crafting to get this authentic and elegant piece of cookware. Still, we must note that this Comal pan is made in Colombia, out of Colombian clay, but you’ll surely be able to cook authentic Mexican tortillas.
Ancient Cookware - Mexican Clay Comal Pan
Now if you are looking for an authentic Mexican Comal pan, here we have the one for you. It’s made of authentic Mexican untreated clay and coveted for slow heat distribution. It’s really important to cure it properly with lime, water, and heat before the first use, which means it needs to be soaked overnight, or otherwise, you can completely destroy the pan. When it comes to cleaning, it is really easy to maintain – just wipe it off or wash it with warm water and leave it out to dry.
Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid
Like we wrote earlier, today you can find even square-shaped Comal pans. Even if they are not as ‘authentic’ as the oval pans, they still can make a great choice for making perfect homemade tortillas. Among the whole sea of square pans, this one seems like the most versatile, most long-lasting, and the easiest to use and clean. You can use it on absolutely any kind of stovetop – from induction cooktops to grills. It comes with a glass lid, handle cover, and pan scraper. Also, another important thing to note is that the pan comes pre-seasoned. It’s recommended to clean it just like the other cast iron cookware – you don’t even need to use soap, just clean it with warm water and wipe it off (or use a stiff brush). Overall, this 11 inches large cast iron pan will serve the purpose, when it comes to making great tortillas, but it’s a good choice when it comes to other foods, too.

My Favorite Tortilla Recipe – Comal Pan First Use Recipe

When you’ve already determined to buy yourself a Comal pan, you’ll need to test it, right? My favorite tortilla recipe, offers a lot of chicken, spices and it’s ready in about 20 minutes. So, make sure to check it once you get your Comal pan, especially if you opt-in for Comal pan made of Mexican clay.

Bonus: Dry Lime Powder

Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime 16 Oz
Besides its unavoidable use for curing Comal pans made of clay before the first use, the lime powder helps binding corn flour thus improving the texture and taste of homemade tortillas. It is also called a ‘Slaked Lime’ or ‘Pickling Lime’ and is used in the pickling process of cucumbers, peppers, and other foods. Its real name is actually calcium hydroxide, and this one is made in the USA without the use of any additives and preservatives.
Tortilla Pan - Comal Pan

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