Best Bacon Grease Container

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You might be asking yourself ‘why the heck I would even need a bacon grease container anyway?’, but you would be surprised to find out how useful this ingredient really is. You can cook almost anything using bacon grease (bacon fat is the synonym), and there is a lot of traditional dishes around the world requiring strictly bacon fat. Bacon fat, or grease, gives specific richness and flavor to the dishes where it’s used. Also, you’ll find bacon fat very useful if you’re on a Keto diet.
Another very common use of bacon grease is for seasoning. It’s very effective for seasoning cookware – cast iron pots and pans, but other types of cookware that require seasoning, too (ceramic cookware, for example).

How to Render Bacon Grease

The answer is partially hidden in the question – simply bacon grease is rendered from the bacon. But actually, it doesn’t need to be only bacon. You can render grease from any type of animal fat – that means the fat from pork, beef, duck and even chicken meat would work.

The most common ingredient for rendering fat is bacon just because it contains the highest level of fat, which means more grease at one bulk. So, obviously, you’re going to need to buy some bacon. The ideal choice would be bacon ends, but you will be good with a piece that has plenty of fat, too. Next, you’re going to slice the bacon, and finally fry the slices over low to medium heat in the cast iron pan. Cast iron pans are pre-seasoned so you don’t need to add any extra oil – you can put a pinch of butter, though – and fry the bacon slices until they get really, really crispy. The slower you go you’ll get more grease, so do it patiently.

Microwave Bacon Cooker
If you don’t want to mess with pans and stoves, or you simply want to make things as easy as possible for yourself, then the right choice would be this microwave bacon cooker.
It’s made in the USA and ships from Wisconsin, and it aims to make perfectly crispy slices of bacon in just a minute per slice, reducing the fat up to 35%. At the same time, a convenient tray catches the grease, which you can easily transfer to one of the grease containers from below. It’s intended for microwave use only, and dishwasher safe – made of high-quality high heat plastic, which is, by the way, BPA free – so there is no additional mess.
The short instructions on how to use it are embossed on the bottom of the cooker, or you can read them by clicking on the button below.

Best Bacon Grease Containers

Here we come to the point where you’re going to need a bacon grease container. It’s always recommended to strain the grease to remove any bacon bits. Straining the grease is useful because it helps it to last longer. Strained grease can last up to one year in the refrigerator, but if you leave any solid bits inside it will probably go rancid in a shorter period of time. On the other side, if you plan to use bacon fat often, then there is no need for straining it – bacon bits can give even more powerful flavor to the dishes.

There is a whole bunch of varieties of bacon grease containers and the list we’ve made only represents some of them we’ve found the most powerful and most useful.

Ayesha Bacon Grease Container
This is one of the most popular products in the category. For the beginning we must admit it really has a nice stylish vintage design – it will fit any kitchen décor. But it’s not just the look. This bacon grease container has a heavy gauge steel construction which means it’s sturdy enough and made to last. Also, at 4 inches in diameter, it’s big enough for all your grease storing needs. On the other side, it’s not too large which is also important having in mind you need to keep it in the refrigerator. It comes with enameled coating and a sturdy lid, and it’s very simple to use.
Evelots Oil Storage Can Strainer
Now, the previous container has an accent on design and simplicity, this one also looks good but the main accent is on the features it has to offer. First of all, it’s made of stainless steel, and thus dishwasher safe. It features an easy-grip handle, removable mesh strainer with lid, and pour spout which makes reusing grease even easier. Besides, you don’t even need to use it as a grease container! It would serve the purpose even when it comes to sifting flour or brewing loose leaf tea, or other kitchen tasks that require straining. The container has a capacity of five cups and it will surely exceed your expectations when it comes to quality.
KEOUKE Bacon Grease Keeper with Strainer
While two previous bacon grease containers had a more classic design, whether colored or not, this one looks like it could be used in Star Wars if Darth Wader decides to increase fat intake. Now seriously, this grease container has a really wicked elegant look that completely fits into the 21st century.
The pot is made of iron and covered with non-stick coating on the inside, but on the outside, too. The bottom of the pot is equipped with a non-slip coaster tray; the fine filter mesh, or the strainer, is made of stainless steel and as a whole, this grease container gives you the impression of a heavy-duty, sturdy and stable machine that is made to last for a long time. It comes with a replaceable cleaning brush, which you might not even get the chance to use, since all the cleaning can be done using soft fiber.
You’ll be very pleased with the overall design and functionality of this grease container.
So, that would be all for our shortlist of the best bacon grease containers on the market. Now that you know where and how to store bacon grease don’t forget to enjoy the crispy bacon slices, since they’re going to play the role of ‘leftovers’ in today’s kitchen story.
Best Bacon Grease Container

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