Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep – Sleep Light Standoff

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Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep
The modern lives most of us live have numerous benefits, but a lot of drawbacks as well. Fast pace, high-stress, and lack of time are just some of them, and all of that reflects on our sleep patterns. So, in today’s article, we’re going to compare Hatch Restore vs Philips wake-up lights, and we’re going to see which one is more effective in sleep improvement.

Long days at work take their toll and significantly affect cortisol levels which then in return affects our sleep greatly. Luckily, technology comes to the rescue again in a form of a wake-up light, which is also known as sleep light, or sunrise simulator. We’ve picked the two main contenders on the market which are priced on the higher side but greatly accepted, in the hope to find a clear winner that will help you wake up refreshed and rested naturally.

Before we dive into those two products separately, let’s check out some of the main benefits of these sleep gadgets.

1. Regulation of cortisol

As I mentioned above, high-stress life greatly affects cortisol levels in a negative way. Cortisol is a stress hormone that at normal levels helps us function properly, keeps us alert while controlling mood and motivation. Naturally, the highest levels are observed in the morning, and they keep dropping during the day to the lowest point right before sleep.

However, as most of us devote ourselves to high-stress jobs, disbalance occurs, and high levels of cortisol are observed throughout the day. Because of this, we’re stressed constantly, and falling asleep becomes the challenge as well.

The use of wake-up light exposes your body to the natural cycle of sunrise, and that in return regulates the production of cortisol. So, you’ll wake up more alert, and you’ll be ready for sleep by the end of the day.

2. Regulation of melatonin

Another hormone that is affected due to the high-stress lifestyle is melatonin. Our body secretes it to helps us fall asleep and irregular sleep patterns can have a huge impact on it. Just as with cortisol, sunrise simulation regulates this hormone as well. It balances it out, and it releases it at the right intervals, just before bedtime.

3. Helps adapt to seasonal changes and depression

As seasons change, some people have trouble adapting their sleeping patterns to it. This in return can cause depression and different other disorders which greatly affect us. Wake-up light is a great remedy for this, and different studies have proven a great benefit these sleep gadgets have when it comes to seasonal sleep disorders.

Without any further ado, let’s go back to our main duel – the Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep. Well check out each of these products separately, then we’ll go over their similarities, and differences after which we’ll pick out the winner.

Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore

We’ll start with a Hatch Restore. The first thing that pops out is the design. Its minimalistic design simply looks great and it is unlike any conventional alarm clock on the market. It only comes in one color with a digital clock on the bottom which allows for brightness adjustment. It also comes with a booklet that navigates you to the app.

The main part of the Hatch is the lamp which serves several different purposes. The primary purpose, of course, is the wake-up, and wind-down light, but it can also serve as the reading light with increased brightness.

One of the things which I found most interesting about this product is controls. The upper edge is used to control all the functions, not through buttons, but rather through touch. By navigating the edge, with help of the symbols, you can easily adjust the brightness of the light, volume, etc.

There are also several buttons on the bottom which allow you to connect it to your phone over Bluetooth. Besides this, you can also use Alexa to control it.

Another very useful feature which I personally love are the sleep sounds. They help you wind down, and fall to sleep easily. They are also great to mask the surrounding sounds which might keep you awake. You got numerous options on the app to choose from. Some of them include a waterfall, river, rain, beach, etc.

Besides the sleep sounds, you also got meditation sounds, and you got additional dozens of options on the app, but besides few free melodies, this option is reserved for premium users. One thing that I personally found impressive are the color options and adjustments. While the brightness level is a logical option, you got numerous color options as well which include an endless palette of colors.

Wake-up light setup

The main purpose of the Hatch restore is to mimic the sunrise, and you can set up this option according to your wishes. The light gradually increases which essentially has the same effect as the sunrise. With this, you can adjust the sunrise time length, light, and intensity.

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Phillips SmartSleep

Phillips SmartSleep

Phillips has numerous devices intended for better sleep, and we’ve picked the best one they have to offer. Phillips SmartSleep has somewhat of an unconventional design, which differs significantly even compared to other wake-up lights. In my opinion, the eccentric design looks great, but it might be a bit too big size-wise for my taste.

This device also works with the app on your phone through which you can do all of the necessary setups. Compared to Hatch, this device also comes equipped with different sensors that measure light, temperature, humidity, and noise.

The main info is placed on the bottom of the device, and it displays all of the information regarding the setup, clock, etc. One of the useful features is the addition of the USB port which allows you to charge up your devices. It also has the AUX port but compared to Hatch, you can’t connect your phone through Bluetooth.

While this device is close to perfection, it does have one drawback in my opinion. The speaker itself, although adequate, could be better quality. Nonetheless, it does its job well.

Wake-up light setup

Just as with our previous contender, everything is done through the app. You can easily set up the sunrise simulation with the desired color, longevity, sound, and brightness levels.
On the other hand, if you need help falling asleep, one of the useful features is the relax breathe. Using it you can do breathing exercises and relax easily. This option is also fully customizable.

When it comes to sounds, you got numerous options to choose from. Some of them are a bit odd, while some are conventional, and they range from birds chirping, to farm sounds.

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Similarities and Differences

Our Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep comparison does bring a lot of similarities, including the nature sounds, light adjustments, use of apps, and even numerous features that both of devices share. However, Phillips SmartSleep is a more advanced gadget, and it does offer more features. A great example of this is the implementation of sensors that measure the bedroom conditions.


The price is also in close proximity, although the device from Phillips does cost a bit more. However, in my opinion, that price difference is justified, although objectively speaking both of the devices are expensive considering their use.


As I said at the beginning of the article, the winner of our Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep duel has to be chosen. In this instance, it is the Phillips SmartSleep. The reason behind this decision comes from the fact that it simply offers more features, and overall does a better job. Apart from the design, which might not be up to everybody’s taste, it is a great device that will help you sleep better, and wake up more refreshed and rested.

Hatch restore on the other hand is another great device, but it does ruin the impression a bit with the additional cost for mediation sounds. In the end, regardless of which one you choose, you definitely won’t regret your decision, and both of these devices will help you improve your sleep greatly.

Hatch Restore vs Philips SmartSleep

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