5 Hottest Cooling Mattress Toppers

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Yeah, I know the headline sounds a bit weird, but never mind. You’ll figure it out.

We have good and bad news for you today. The good one is that the summer is finally here, and the bad one is that is going to be extremely hot.

I guess you are all imagining yourselves chilling out on the beach, or by the pool, holding a glass of some super cold summer cocktail, surrounded with a bunch of beautiful people, and ready to jump back into the water.

I agree it’s a pretty nice picture. But since all the things on this planet have two sides of the medal, don’t you think it’s time to think about the dark side of summertime? And when I say dark side, I mean the dark sidehot summer nights!

In case you already don’t have the solution for night sweats, and you’re struggling to get a few hours of restful sleep during the summer period, in this, and in the few coming articles, we are going to introduce you to some top cooling sleep products.

In this one, we’ll go through the list of 5 cooling mattress toppers that will help keep your body temperature down during the summer nights. So let’s start!

1. TEXARTIST Cooling Mattress Topper

TEXARTIST Cooling Mattress Topper TEXARTIST mattress topper is made with high-quality cotton, overfilled with 4D spiral fiber which makes this topper really breathable; thermodynamics-wise; thick, yet soft and cool to the touch – you’re going to absolutely love this comfortable mattress topper.

It’s not incredibly thick (about 2“) but don’t let that make you skeptical – it will make you feel like you’re sleeping on the cloud or at least on the 4-star hotel topper. If even this isn’t good for you, put in a dryer for a few cycles and it will puff up!

Its machine washable, durable, comes as advertised and it does the job perfectly.

The only negative reviews we could find about it are related to its thickness, but as we said in the previous paragraph, the thickness doesn’t have anything to do with the comfort and sleep quality. Plus, you need to have realistic expectations – it’s worth the bucks.

Just put a pure cotton sheet over it, it’s more skin-friendly and it protects the topper and you’re good to go.

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2. SOPAT Reversible Cooling Mattress Topper

SOPAT Reversible Cooling Mattress Topper This is a two in one device: double-sided, summer, and winter mattress pad. So, in the winter, you’ll want to sleep on the “woolish” side of the topper, and in the summertime, you’ll logically switch it to “smooth” or “summer” side. Both sides are 100% made of microfiber.

And that’s not the only feature that makes it different from the competition – it has huge and deep stretchy pockets and doesn’t slip off easily. It’s not overly plush but it’s comfy and it will surely prevent summer fire in a bed.

It’s one of the highest-rated products in the category, extremely durable, easily foldable, and above all, it’s comfortable. If you have back or neck pain or any other issue, this mattress topper will help with that, too – it’s not therapeutic but you’ll feel the pain relief.

It fully meets the declared features so we highly recommend it.

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3. COONP Mattress Topper

COONP Mattress Topper If we wanted to describe this mattress topper in one sentence, it would be: extra-thick, firm, yet fluffy and comfy, and at an extremely reasonable price. And we wouldn’t say anything bad!
Its cotton surface will make your bed the most wonderful place in the world. Or, at least you’re going to experience how it feels to awake refreshed instead of tired after a long night of trying to fall asleep.

It doesn’t matter if you’re back or side sleeper, you’ll find this mattress topper is extremely comfortable.

First off, upon receiving the mattress topper, wash and dry it – it will make it even fluffier. Then let it completely air dry for the rest of the day. Do not wash it in a top loader machine since it can destroy the mattress (the fibers in it).

In the end, if you are looking for a good thick mattress topper, look no more. We highly recommend it.

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No products found. This comfy and thick mattress topper comes packed in a vacuum-sealed bag. It is recommended to lay it out or in the sunlight for a few hours to puff it back up before the first use.
The fabric feels better compared to the average mattress topper, so even if you are a real bed snob it will fulfill your expectations.

INGALIK Cotton Mattress Topper stretches enough, from edge to edge to cover everything.

It’s easy to handle, doesn’t make any noise while you sleep, and will improve your sleep quality.

The most important thing is, if you sweat a lot in your sleep, you won’t break a sweat at all.

All in all, it’s a very good quality product, well worth the price!

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5. LINENSPA Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

LINENSPA Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Now, we’ve left the best for the end. The price is a bit higher, but, compared to other products in this article, this mattress topper also has some additional features.

This is, actually, 3 inches of plush memory foam infused with a cooling gel. It’s soft, conforms to your body and you definitely won’t be sweating during the sleep.

Like the previous one, once unpacked, this mattress topper also needs to “rest” (to open up to its full size) for 24 hours before you set it up on your bed. It won’t take 24 hours, probably 6-8 hours, but still, it’s recommended and we don’t want to make any question about it.

It’s a perfect combination of comfort and support, and it comes with a 3 years warranty.

According to a bunch of positive reviews on the internet, it’s definitely worth the investment, so what are you waiting for? Go and get it!

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5 Hottest Cooling Mattress Toppers

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