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10 Best Pregnancy Pillows – 2020 Edition

The human body goes through a lot of changes, and pregnancy is the biggest one, so it is only natural that we find ways to help us during those times. Maternity pillows help pregnant women relieve pain and make pregnancy a better experience. Today we are going to look at the list of 10 best pregnancy pillows.

1. Insen Pregnancy Pillow

Insen Pregnancy PillowYou should use this maternity pillow if you want a comfy pain free silk cotton experience since the Insen pregnancy pillow offers all of that. With over one thousand reviews on, this C-shaped pillow is perfect for all stages of pregnancy, as it follows your natural body shape and adjusts to any position you want to sleep in. Customers love its versatility and the fact that it can help with nursing later on after the pregnancy. It comes in a variety of colors: blue jersey, green jersey, grey jersey, grey velvet, and grey-blue velvet. Its value is 42 dollars.


2. Snoogle Chic Jersey

Snoogle Chic Jersey Pillow
If you are looking for a comfortable, soft, practical, and low-priced pillow, this Snoogle pillow should satisfy your needs. Satisfied customers rated it with four and a half stars, stating that its best feature is the ability to change the cotton cover. It is made out of high cotton fiber count, which those who use it prefer more than those more ascetically pleasing but ultimately synthetic ones. Also, the cover includes a zipper closure along the side, which makes it easy when taking it off for washing. The price of this pillow is 28 dollars.


3. AS Awesling Full Body Pillow

AS Awesling Full Body Pillow
This is a large U-shape pillow lounger with a detachable side, one separate support pillow, and a removable cover. Its width and length support almost every body shape and offer quality comfort. It is fully adjustable and offers you a variety of sleeping positions. You can remove the side and use it as a knee rest or snuggle into the C-shaped pillow allowing it to cradle your body. The set also includes a small 45-degree angle pillow, which is perfect for cuddling your baby bump to lessen the strain on your back muscles while sleeping. Although it offers pain-free comfort and coziness, it is on the pricier side since it costs 45 dollars. However, regardless of the price, it is one of the best pregnancy pillows out there.

4. Queen Rose Pregnancy Full Body Pillow

Queen Rose Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
This pregnancy pillow is a U-shaped maternity pillow that supports your whole body since it is 65 inches long. It comes in white, pure white, blue, and grey. The customers rated this product four stars on for a reason. Being that long, it covers your whole body, while discomfort and pain will go away after just one night of using it. Besides the comfort, those who use it point out the fact that you can bring it with you on vacation, which speaks of its functionality and versatility. It is made out of cotton, so you can wash and reuse it easily. The price of this product is 58 dollars.


5. Leachco Snoogle Jersey

Leachco Snoogle Jersey Pillow
This Snoogle pillow is similar to the previously mentioned one, but it doesn’t include a zipper alongside the cover, and it is pricier, as it costs 75 dollars. However, those are the only flaws that customers bring up when talking about this product since those who use it are truly pleased with the comfort that the Snoogle pillow offers since it curls around you with its memory foam. The pillow’s neck part is made out of firm materials, which makes the cushion great support without being too bulky or squishy, while a long midsection is a perfect width for total back or stomach support. It supports and aligns hips, back, neck, and stomach. It comes in three different colors: turquoise, black, and grey.

6. Insen 55in Body Pillow

Insen 55in Body Pillow
This full body pillow gives you all the space you need and plenty of softness. As opposed to other pillows, it comes in a square shape that is not adjustable, but it is firm enough to help you with your maternal discomfort. It comes in four different colors: navy blue, ocean blue, velvet grey, and grey-blue. The customers rated this product four and a half stars since they love how the product stays firm, as the pillow never loses its shape. Also, this will be a great pillow if you are looking for one high enough to support the space between your head, neck, and shoulders. It costs 49 dollars.


7. MoMA Pregnancy Pillow

MoMA Pregnancy Pillow
This side-body support U-shaped pillow offers a full head to toe support. Its sides are reversible and adjustable in a way that the pillow can hold your laptop but also support your back when you are sitting. The MoMa pregnancy pillow is made out of 100% pure velvet and 100% polyester filling while the material is anti-allergic, sweat-absorbent, and breathable. Those who already have it are truly pleased with the final product, emphasizing that everyone can use it, not just pregnant women. Some costumers didn’t like the cover tho, as it gets stained easily while the material feels like plastic to some. It costs 35 dollars.

8. AngQi Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

AngQi Body Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover
This is an L-shaped body pillow made for side-sleeping, as it gives the best support in that position, but you can also use it for laying on your back while having enough support in your neck region. According to various reviews, the pillow performs the best in the earlier stages of pregnancy. You will get a rich filling material for 44 dollars only, or in other words, a material made out of high-grade soft 7D PP hollow fiber filling that is easy to adjust and doesn’t make any noise. This pillow offers comfort and firmness, at once, while sleeping. It is great for sciatica and easing of back pains, no matter if they get caused by pregnancy or other conditions.

9. Comfy Sure Pregnancy Pillow

Comfy Sure Pregnancy Pillow
Although designed for expecting or breastfeeding mothers, this queen-size, C-shaped body pillow also helps side sleepers or people who want to improve their sleeping, in general. It can help with separating your legs, and it offers stomach, hip, arm, and neck support. It also relieves pain caused by sciatica, gastric reflux, and discomfort. You can use this pillow just to improve the experience of watching TV or resting. It gets made out of pure 100% polyester, which is great for people that have problems with allergies and for sensitive pregnant women. Those that tried it mostly recommend it to people in need of comfort and the ones on a budget. The price of the Comfy Sure product is 40 dollars. and it deserves the place on our 10 best pregnancy pillows list.

10. Chilling Home Maternal Pillow

Chilling Home Maternal Pillow
This pillow is offering you a comfortable texture and a neck, back, ankle, stomach, and head support. It comes in a U-shape with a removable cover that is washable and reusable. The filling of the pillow gets made out of bionic polyester, which gives you firm support but also feels soft to the touch. The customers are mostly pleased with it, but they also warn that the actual product is thinner than the one shown in the picture. The Chilling Home pillow has over 100 positive reviews, which speaks of its quality. It costs only 37 dollars.


10 Best Pregnancy Pillows

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