Top 10 Portable Photo Printers – Buyer’s Guide

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Nowadays when everything is fast-paced, nobody has any time to waste. The same goes for printing, and technology, as always, gave us an awesome solution. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 portable photo printers on the market today.

1. Serene Life Portable Wireless Photo Printer

Serene Life Portable Wireless Photo Printer This little printer is convenient and elegant looking. It comes in white with a smooth glazed finish. If you need a printer that is easy to travel with, light and compact for carrying, but the one that also exudes quality – you have found it. Since this device is as small as an iPhone, you can easily fit into your back pocket. The printer is a combination of tradition and the modern age, transformed into 3.5×2 inches that work like a dream. The only “problem” with it is the app you need to install to enable the printer to work, but that can’t be considered as a disadvantage.
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2. Kodak Photo Printer Dock

Kodak Photo Printer Dock As technology evolves, so does the way we print out photos. This printer is the exact example of a printer that was made in the beginning phase of that evolution. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad or that anything is wrong with it, but some details are noticeable when you compare this device to other printers of the same type. First of all, its size makes it harder to transport or carry, but that doesn’t mean that photo quality is compromised. Although it offers USB, Wi fi and phone connectivity, it is still on the slower side and its price is high.
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3. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 This upgraded version of the Fujifilm printer is now doing wonders when it comes to speed and quality of the pictures, but it still shares some flaws with our previous contender. It’s small and convenient for daily use, and it is easy to carry around wherever you go. It’s slightly bigger than the competitors size-wise, but it’s faster with unmatched quality. The only problem with this printer is the size of the printable photos. Finished prints are very small considering the other printers on the market. So, if you don’t mind that kind of a limit, this little device will serve you well.
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4. Life print 2x3 Hyper Photo Printer

Life print 2x3 Hyper Photo Printer As the size is very important with these portable printers, this one certainly passes the test of compactness and lightness. It is very elegant looking since it comes in the standard white with a shiny smooth feel to it. The problem with this printer is that there is no way of connecting to a PC, so that means you can’t transport your files from the computer directly onto this printer. That seems like a lot of work because there are many easier options, but when transferring from your phone, the quality and the speed will certainly make up for the mentioned drawbacks.
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5. Kodak Mini 2 HD Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Mini 2 HD Instant Photo Printer When talking about printers that are portable and easy to carry anywhere you go, the little Kodak Mini is just as the name tells you – mini. That means that you can use it almost anywhere. It makes your life a lot easier if you are traveling and need a good photo printed anytime you want to capture the moment. Although it’s convenient for transport, it’s also on the slower side and it isn’t able to transfer photos on the PC and vice versa. The quality of the pictures is great and the system works well, but the slowness and the high price point can’t make this printer the first recommendation of the bunch.
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6. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer This printer has been popular all around the world and will continue to be one of the best devices for printing photos in 2020 as well. The device is as small as a smartphone, weighing only 6 ounces. That means that it is light and convenient for traveling. The quality of the pictures it produces is really good, plus it is pretty fast compared to the competition. With this little printer, you also have the option of editing your photos before you print them, which can be done simply by downloading the app. It is all-around one of the best portable printers in 2020 and it is the one we highly recommend.
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7. Prynt Pocket Photo Printer

Prynt Pocket Photo Printer If you’re looking for an easy way of transferring your photos from the phone and printing them immediately without much hassle or delays, then this little printer is a great choice for you. It is very small and suitable for traveling of any kind because it is the smallest one so far. Prynt Pocket Photo Printer prints your photos in good quality and it does it fast. It doesn’t take that much time to charge which is a great thing if you’re traveling and in constant need of a printer. Also, the innovative look of the printer is something to look for, as it is grey, compact and modern looking.
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8. Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300 This little printer is a dream come true for everyone that needs something small and easy to use. It comes with a working panel that is controlled by touch and setup for printing your photos that looks just like the real, normal-sized printer. It’s a great solution for professionals and even a better choice for people that are on the go constantly, or in need of a small easily transportable printer at hand. The design is pretty nice, it comes in black with a large LCD screen. The operating costs of this device are very good considering the competition, and for that reason, it is one of the top contenders on our best portable photo printer in the 2020 list.
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9. Pickit M2 Mobile Printer

Pickit M2 Mobile Printer This model of a printer comes in white and it is shaped like a rectangle. Its dimensions are about 2.1×3.4 inches, which suggests easy transport and ease of travel. The quality of the printer could be slightly better if you are a nitpicker, but the speed of this device makes up for everything. When we say speed, we mean fast printing, immediate drying of photos and a fast operating system, as well. The product comes with a small set of papers given to you for free. The design is compact and simple, but it does leave something to be desired.
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10. Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer When talking about the ultimate portable printer – the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is the one. It is very refined-looking since it comes in black and takes the quality of your photos to perfection. The best part of it is not the speed, the quality, or the size of this little printer, but the pricing point, which is amazing, considering that the other printers on the market don’t provide half of the specification stated above. Knowing how easy it is to set this device up, the only option left is to get it and enjoy it. If the budget is on top of your priority list this is the one to go for.
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That is all for our list of 10 best portable photo printers on the market, hope you find it useful in your search for a perfect device.

10 Best Portable Photo Printers – Buyer’s Guide

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