5 Best Water Flossers to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Clean and Healthy

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Taking care of dental hygiene is probably one of the most important elements of human body health as a whole, and one of the first habits we learn as kids. There are a whole bunch of devices and “tools” we use for keeping our teeth and mouth healthy during life. One of them, and we must say a pretty popular one, is the water flosser. So, what exactly is a water flosser?

What is a water flosser?

The water flosser is a relatively new product for oral hygiene if we compare it to a toothbrush that has been known to people for thousands of years.
It is an electrical appliance that uses water to remove hard-to-reach impurities in the oral cavity and completely replaces dental floss.

What makes it so special?

The main advantage of a water flosser is an extremely thorough cleaning of teeth in hard-to-reach places that does not only involve the interdental space. Pressurized water can remove the accumulation of food and bacteria and removes plaque much more effectively than a toothbrush. Reaching hard-to-reach places allows for thorough cleaning without irritating the gums, which can happen with clumsy string flossing. There is no irritation of the gums, but they are thoroughly cleaned and massaged. The risk of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis is significantly reduced.

Although the dentists still recommend string flossing, a lot of us are more likely to use water than string flossers. So if you’re looking for the right water flosser for your teeth and mouth, or you just want to replace the old one that needs to be retired, we’ve made a list of currently the best water flossers you can find on the market right now. So, take a look and pick the one that best suits your needs!

1. Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser This is an Amazon’s Choice for teeth cleaner and plaque remover, and if you want us to be honest, our choice, too. The Waterpik is one of the most known water flosser brands and one of the first that got the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

The product itself is compact, well designed and the best seller in its category. It’s one of the most effective water flossers on the market, removing up to 99.9 percent of plaque from treated areas. It’s a perfect device for any kind of dental work. It comes with 7 colored tips for different needs like Classic, Orthodontic, and Plaque Seeker, and all of them rotate for 360 degrees. Enhanced pressure with 10 settings from 10 to 100 psi is used for gum massage and stimulation.

The water flosser comes with a 1-minute built-in timer, to help track flossing time.

Although the water flosser is compact and looks somehow small, the capacity of the reservoir is 22 ounces with 90 seconds of water capacity. It’s worth mentioning that the reservoir is dishwasher safe in a top rack. Also, another very convenient feature is that it’s the quietest water flosser you’ll find on the market.

There is a whole bunch of positive reviews on the internet about this item. Some reviewers say they’ve noticed improvements in how they gums look and feel even after just a few uses daily. Also, it will keep the food out of any space that can be hard to clean.

Overall, it’s a great product and we highly recommend it.

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The previous product, Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, although it seems small, actually it’s the largest on our list, and, in the first place intended for home use. In some way, it’s a product for the whole family, and the portability is not one of the features it can boast of. So, through the rest of the list, we’re going to present you water flossers, which are often called “travel” water flossers, but that refers to their size, not the lack of features. The first of them is BESTOPE Water Flosser.

2. BESTOPE Water Flosser

BESTOPE Water Flosser Although it has the word “travel” in its description, this water flosser is intended for home use as well. It comes with six multifunctional jet nozzles and two toothbrush heads. All of these are 360 degrees rotatable. Unlike the previous one, this water flosser is cordless and comes with a 2500mAh lithium battery that can operate for 30 days without the need for recharging. Also, it comes with a 300 ml detachable water reservoir. To fulfill the different user needs, it operates in five modes – from soft to super-high – and the memory function keeps the selected mode on for the next use. It’s a waterproof device, which means you can use it under the shower with no risk. Check Price


No products found. This is another cordless water flosser that comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which, once fully charged for 4 hours should serve you at least three weeks. It comes with a 320 ml water tank and a built-in smart timer which automatically shuts off the irrigator after two minutes to prevent it from making gum damage. Also, it works in 4 modes and comes with five jets, and it’s advertised to make minimal noise. Like the previous one, this water flosser is waterproof, too. No products found.


No products found. This water flosser is an Amazon’s Choice for water flosser for braces. It’s ergonomically designed, has waterproof protection, and operates in three modes, with an auto-timer which shuts it off after two minutes. It comes with a detachable 300 ml water reservoir, which makes it very easy to clean. Also, it’s energetically efficient. As the previous one, this water flosser uses one lithium battery which, once charged for four hours, should work continuously for 20 days.
Overall, it’s a nice looking water flosser at an affordable price. No products found.

5. Waterpik Brand Cordless Water Flosser

Waterpik Brand Cordless Water Flosser We’ve started this article with a Waterpik product, and we’re going to end it with the product from the same brand. This time it’s a cordless water flosser, which has a nice, classic design offering all the modern features.

It’s a waterproof device with three pressure settings, and one of them is ultra-quiet operation mode. Also, it comes with a bag, for convenient storage, and 4 accessory tips for multiple users and needs. It uses rapid charging technology – the charger magnetically attaches to the unit and charge it for four hours, and there is a LED indicator to show you when it needs recharging. Same as the previous Waterpik Water Flosser, this one is accepted by the American Dental Association, too.

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5 Best Water Flossers to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Clean and Healthy

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