10 Best Vintage Leathercraft Backpacks

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Nowadays when everything is mass-produced we’re all looking for quality, uniqueness, and that something special that will make any item worth buying, and owning. Since most of the things made 50, or 100 years ago were special in their own way because they were made with care, pride, and to last, we’re going in that direction, and in this article, we’re going to discuss top 10 best vintage leathercraft backpacks.


MICHELANGELO Backpack We’re starting with a great-looking brandy colored backpack that stands out with its design, but also its dimensions, considering that it is on the smaller side. It offers a large compartment where you can place all your items, but it also comes with a padded iPad holder and a large compartment with a zipper. It has a washable inner lining and a protective fabric case. You have to be a fan of classic brandy colored backpacks to fully enjoy this piece, considering that the pricing point varies significantly. However, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. Check Price

2. Zebella Vintage Backpack

Zebella Vintage Backpack This backpack is a bit bigger compared to the previously mentioned model and it can hold more items. It is also definitely more affordable, and that’s because it’s made from PU leather. While you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to color, elegant brown certainly makes it look genuine. It has one main compartment which can hold your iPad or laptop and almost any basic items, and several smaller ones for other objects. It’s about 18 inches in height, and considering the overall quality, it is good value for money. Check Price

3. BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack

BOSTANTEN Leather Backpack This amazing backpack is made out of fine quality horse leather in Italy. It is on the smaller side, but the quality makes up for it. It comes in only one color, the darker brown which really suits it well. It has two compartments, one for your bigger items like technology devices and one for your smaller basic items like your wallet or phone. It is made out of sturdy leather that can hold a lot of weight, combined with a modern approach, including the zipper on the larger compartment. Check Price

4. Michael Kors Women's Abbey Medium Backpack

Michael Kors Women's Abbey Medium Backpack Unlike the ones already mentioned, this backpack is made only for women, and it comes in numerous different colors. Firstly, you have to notice its outstanding olive color and a large amount of storage that enables you to fit anything. Designed by Michael Kors, it has one big compartment, and a smaller one, which is enough for all your items, whether you’re going hiking or just on a picking. This backpack is functional, but above all, it is stylish and eye-catching. If you’re looking for an appealing design and practicality, you’ve found the one. It is the one we recommend and it is a worthy contender on our 10 best vintage leathercraft backpacks. Check Price

5. Le Donne Backpack

Le Donne Backpack This backpack by Le Donne is interesting, to say the least, and it has a bit smaller dimensions compared to some of the other backpacks. It is characterized by a vintage look, as well as the zippers on the smaller side compartments. It is eye-catching and interesting, but besides being so different, it is practical and stylish! It can hold a lot of weight with its sturdy leather and its compartments are extremely wide, which lets you carry a smaller laptop or an iPad. It can be used for hiking or even for daily chores, so if you’re a fan of interesting items – you won’t regret choosing this one. Check Price

6. Kenneth Cole Leather Backpack

Kenneth Cole Leather Backpack This amazingly elegant backpack by Kenneth Cole will leave you gazing at its edgy matt black color. Everything about this backpack is breathtaking, down to the two wide shoulder straps. Besides its elegance and beauty, it has outstanding well-secured storage options, with four compartments, two smaller ones on the sides and two big ones in the middle. This backpack is also unisex, but it’s definitely for those that want to stand out with their refined taste, either showing it off in the city or on a hiking expedition. Check Price

7. Genuine Leather Backpack for Women

Genuine Leather Backpack for Women While we’re getting closer to the end of the list, the accent is on the quality of the material and the pricing point as well, since the quality almost always symbolizes bigger expenses. This brown leather backpack offers one compartment for placing necessary items, but it is wide and it easily fits bigger items. It has interesting details on the sides and it’s available in three different colors. The pricing point is high, but the sturdiness of the materials and overall quality certainly make up for it. Check Price

8. Tiding Leather Backpack

Tiding Leather Backpack This backpack is the most expensive on the entire list, but we can understand why. It offers four compartments for all your items and objects to store. You can easily fit a laptop or even something bigger. It comes in two colors, but the light brown stands out, as it is the perfect color for true hiking lovers or fans. The price is up there, but the backpack will definitely serve you for a long time. Check Price

9. KPL Hiking Backpack

KPL Hiking Backpack This backpack is everything you should look for if you’re going for a picnic, a hike, or any other activity that includes carrying a lot of heavy things that require a lot of compartments for quick and easy access. It is made out of strong leather that will most certainly hold anything you wish to carry. However, the best thing about this bag is not all the compartments or the material, but the low pricing point! It hardly gets any better than that. The only drawback to it is the lack of creative design. Check Price

10. WUDON Leather Rucksack

Sike This item from the WUDON is the ultimate hiking backpack! It looks and feels like good quality with a rustic sense to it. It has four compartments. Starting from the smallest, you got one for your tools, bigger ones for your phone, and the biggest one for your tech, clothes and all the other things you need for your trip. The material is the finest leather and above all, it has that vintage feel to it that everyone wants. It is overall a great value for the money and it is on our 10 best vintage leathercraft backpacks list for a reason. Check Price

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